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Sometimes you need medical help, and sometimes you need other support to help you manage your health and wellbeing

You spend very little time with us clinicians and the rest of the time you are managing on your own.

Who or what could help?

The following services are all provided or commissioned by the NHS or local authority unless stated otherwise.

Our GPs and the practice team are pleased to be active participants in the Lambeth GP Food Co-op

The GP Food Co-op builds gardens in GP surgeries so everyone who wishes to learn how to grow food can do so in a safe, secure and supported environment. 

Our garden community is situated close to the surgery at Jennie Lee Gardens in the grounds of King's College Hospital. Patients from Corner Surgery are socialising, learning, growing food, and improving their health and wellbeing together. You can read about their experiences of doing this here.

The GPs and practice team will be pleased to give you more information, and here, receptionist Carine Ndive describes her experience and how she gets involved.


NHS England 2018 GP Patient Survey

The results of the 2018 NHS England GP Patient Survery has been publised here. It shows that generally we are meeting the needs and expectations of our patients and the community we serve. Many thanks to all those patients who participated.

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